Tuesday, February 10, 2009

White Love Story

tomorrow will be exactly 3 months since i step into this white love story of mine . "if this place would snow 12 months, i would live here forever". i managed to almost kill myself 2 times so far, yesterday i sprained my left knee . im limping while i walk right now . but overall this place is truly like no other, its heaven, i dont make alot of money, its just enough to get me through . i dont drive a super sports car, but in place of that i get to travel 60kmph on average on the snow, roaming around the mountain that is 3300 acres, 13 kilometers square . the job is chill, no boss to ask me to clean under the sink or go off at me when sales is down . im just out there smiling enjoying every moment of it . chilling with homies from andrew or harry potter as i called him from london, joel aka pops from michigan, zach the z man from pittsburgh, brandon, cpt couch from arkansas and ron on the rocks from long beach, ron has moved out from our place or to say the "Lupin Lads". i know this is temporary, all of this, but so far we have become family . and this few months will be remembered in my heart for the rest of my life ..

living the simple life