Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Snowboarder

53 days deep, 91 days total . i used to claim to the best malaysian snowboarder in southern california, but now i claim myself to be the best malaysian snowboader in the world . so if anyone stumble upon this, i would love to meet another malaysian who rips on snow . korath wright a bahamian born snowboarder, his going to the winter olympics in 2010 in whistler riding for bahamas, the 2nd time a country with no snow is participating in the winter olympics besides the Jamaican bobsled team that participate 1988 . in life, they are going above & beyond

"its always snowing somewhere" - burton

Sunday, March 15, 2009


been thinkin about this alot these days, about more than a decade ago, i couldnt understand why some people in this world couldnt enjoy basketball, or why arent they playing ball . over more than a decade later, i found myself with the same question . why some people cant love riding snow as much as i do? is there something wrong with me? why can i ride from 830am - 405pm with no lunch? i swear if they open 24hours a day, ill be there every hour besides taking some sleep . the hunger is key, self motivation, passion & character . is where you wanna be in this game or in this world . you picture yourself doing it, you set a time frame and you go for it, thats exactly what im doing with riding . i see myself flying 100 feet of the ground do some backside 540s nose grabs and such . so till the day i reach there i aint gonna give up, once i reached it, i guess i may even aim higher . higher aerial tricks, faster speed, smoother ground tricks . and it all comes back to self satisfaction .

funny thing is i love this game so much, when i see people living up here in the mountains and not giving it all, i kinda feel sad, i know others have different priorities and enjoyment, but still . its on a plate in front of you, are you waitin for someone to come and feed you . the self achievement by your hands is so much self satisfying, why dont they understand that?

well i think when i think about it, it all comes back to me, i guess its not them but it is me whose insane in the head with this game .

46 days deep 84 total in my "career"