Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 Hours After Turning 26

26yrs old all of a sudden . well not really all of sudden, but anyways you get the point . im married, yeap . crazy life . i guess many people were shock that i got married, and suprise . but isnt that what i always do anyways? suprise people with my crazy decisions in life and going all out for the things i love . things are starting to shift now, towards the positive side . i can feel it, im very sure im not comforting myself or whatsoever . but things seriously are shifting slowly but surely towards the light . life itself is a dream, its a prespective that we put ourselves in . at times we cant help it but to be in a dark place, sometimes in a brigther place, but sweet times are always easy to take in, its how we handle the dark times . never giving up, persistently chasing after that potential of being in that better place .

a year ago, i celebrated it in mammoth . a year before got drunk with 30 asians in a club called v20 in long beach . this year i got caught off guard, cause of limited funds but thanks to my wife jennifer and alfred whom we recently met . pulled out some magic from their hats and truly got to make me smile .

live for the moment . the moment is always now