Friday, March 05, 2010


Location, Bear Mountain California . I really doubt there is another place like Bear, well maybe besides Whistler, a few mountains in Japan or maybe Korea? But its a small mountain 250acres approx . But its rank one of the best snowboard parks in the country . Fighting with huge mountains like Mammoth, Park City, Lake Tahoe etc . Which is literally maybe 15-20 times bigger . The park setup seriously is pretty legit . Progressive jibs and kickers where you can progress your park riding .

The vibe is truly something else, the crowd is young, vibrant, colorful, some come here to be seen, some to see . Its partially a place where its just not about the snowboarding, but also a place to look hip or cool while riding, most people here dress up, get all geared up . But anyways the top picture is one of the Bear Mtn riders, Chris Bradshaw, he aint no olympian or double cork 1260 mctwist . But he is Mr.Steezy, he makes the simple things, well not really simple, but he makes it looks good . A big big fan of his I am .