Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Slicing Ice

folks, been in the united states and officially living in los angeles for 2years 2days and counting . its my fav time of the year again, ice slicing time up in the mountains, despite getting all my weapons after 2 seasons, the only last thing im missing is a snowboard . i got the goggles, the beanie, the camo jacket, the billabong pants . it was a great saturday, we got a lil lost driving up to big bear , besides the totally fun snowboarding we had the whole day facing the snowfall in the evening, we got stuck in snow during the trip back . usually a drive to big bear is about 2hrs from LA, but on the way back, we had to buy chains and get em on the tyres , driving really slow, adding to the snow were accidents along the way . it took us 6hours to get back to LA, but frankly speakin, to me . it was all worth it . i love snowboarding, very seldom i find something that i wanna be good at, and loving the moment where i see myself improving in a short period of time . of coz i love basketball, but snowboarding gives me the adrenaline, when im cutting thru ice full speed zig zaggin my way through, its almost the same feeling when im crossingover some dude n burning him with my move ..

so hopefully this season would be fill with tons of ice slicing moments ..

Saturday, December 09, 2006

That Was So Last Summer

dear summer,
thinkin about the time i had my first cornrows, went to my first rave that was preform by a top dj, first time seeing the stars and sunset in a single bay, endless weekends of beer,beer and more beer, caring friends which connected in an instant, lots of clubbing and raving, endless activities,cycling with a penta-cycle, i dunno what its called by it can carry 5-6 people at the same time, it all seem like it was just yesterday, my first summer in los angeles. but months before that,i hit the biggest wall in my life, with months of uncertainties of my own future, with the fear of not having control of my own life, tears and depression hit . not knowing was i able to go to school n make a few bucks instead of having 2dollars in my pocket and hoping my dear friends would help me pay for lunch . without knowing any true friends in this new place ..

suddenly from bitter, it turn to one of the sweetest moments in my life . meeting soulmates, travelling places, having fun without a care in the world .. and i appreciate, cherish and living every moment as it goes .. eventually it had to end . i wonder sometimes will those moments like that hit again? total sadness, and suddenly with a rush of rainbows and angels falling out of nowhere, and leaving me again? dont get me wrong i had everything i wish for, a pretty nice girlfriend, a job where i found another good friend, which i never expect in my life, a friend named george aka jorge, a mexican . im going to school, busting my ass for my future . its just that i miss those times when i was broke, and had no friends and all i do was drift on the courts of venice beach alone, its so weird ..

summer 05 ...