Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Chinese New Year Eve

my 2nd winter trip, 1st one in japan in 98 and now d 2nd one in south california jan 2006 . its chinese new year eve that day, and i was hype up to go snowboarding for d very first time, i knew i was gonna love it, i just didnt know that i was gonna love it that much . got my cny clothe . it was a billabong snowboarding pants . d pic is showing couple of us getting our gear at d shop b4 heading up to d mountain top .

thats me with my gear, wat can i say
a feeling of nostalgia, this one of d things im aiming to get good at, i guess im just addicted to speed and d adrenaline rush, gonna try n get back up d mountain as soon as possible .

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


a picture of me, my girl n a few friends at a yakiniku place at Korean Town, it was last weekend . the food was just alrite, not that great or watsoeva . price was middle ranged . cz in LA when u go out to lunch or dinner plus tax n tips 10bucks per person is kinda cheap . dinner, always b ready for 15-20usd . i guess when ur a small fish swimming in the big sea . u got to pay d price . aint no kuching price no more .

as usual today, was stuck in traffic for about an hour, a million things can pass ur mind once ur driving like 20mph or 30+kmph for an hour . i sometimes, n still do wonder how did my life turn out this way, dun get me wrong. im not complaining or anything, just that . how did i end up here .. in Los Angeles . i was thinking abt my dad . how we smoke together at home watching tv or eating dinner with my grandma, taking my car to the car wash on fridays n getting ready for the weekend . playing ball .. and suddenly its so diffrent now . stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours each day . instead of balling at jkr or tabuan jaya, ballin in venice beach .. its just diffrent kind of enviroment . diffrent angles for view points n just d amount of air u take in, each breathe is diffrent now . i know lots of ppl told me . not to look back n instead be exicted for wats coming .. but i guess from time to time .. i still miss home . cant blame me . i guess i still need some time, evendoh im already here for a year and a month now ..

rebirth is what i have chosen, rebirth so it may be

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kobe vz Shaq IV

shaq was in town last nite at staples center . 25k seats was sold out, no doubt . kobe-shaq iv. and near the end of the 4th quater kobe got better of his teammate finally after the fourth try in 2 years, he made 13 of his 24 shots n all 9 of his free throws . scored 37pts . kobe has been averaging 40.5pts in his last 11games . wat can i say . kobe is doing his thang .

i drove down with my girl to staples last nite . praying that we would get tix to watch d once in a year matchup at staples . but standing outside in the cold for more than an hour didnt help . so we ended up in the sports bar at staples center . ppl cheering n shouting . it was kinda fun doh . for a cheaper entertainment .

my own game on sunday was also a superb one . i only scored 4pts in the 1st half . playing really badly . n we were down by 5 - 9pts most of the time . n by 2nd half . i played 3 times better . scored 3 times more . stole d ball 3 times n at least 4 - 5 assists . with a minute to go . we tied the game with a 6 -0 run at 52 . with 30secs left . i was knocked down to the floor . waiting for d call dat wasnt ever made by d ref . d opposing team got fouled . so he had 2 free throws with 16secs left . omg . wat a joke! he missed 2 of them . we got the rebound . timeout was called . n with 15secs remaining . the ball was inbounded to me . i was going for the last shot . as i took d 1st dribble . i was double teamed so i threw it to my center . n two more players collapse on him . with a split second thought i was already cutting to d basket . my center dish back the rock to me . n with 2 secs left . i made d lay up . game time baby! . dat was it 54 - 52 . clutch play . aint too bad if i say so myself . havent played in a game like that for quite a while .

/- peace out -/

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Inevitable

my first two nba games, pic1 clippers vz kobe = kobe lost, pic2 clippers vz hawks = blowout . i think clippers are gonna do pretty well compared to all those years they have gone thru, but got to say kobe's having a madness month this month, scoring 40+pts in all his previous games . leading everyone in scoring . fuhs

i reached home not long ago just now . nothing much, just another day of work at the restaurant . when i was on the way back . same shit, stuck in traffic again as usual . really heavy traffic on the 405freeway . was thinkin, this traffic is inevitable everyday, same as 'change' ,we all face 'changes' in our lives from one stage to the other, we all have hard times adapting to the new enviroment n surroundings in our lives, we move on eventually but no matter how hard we try to remain the same, things are the way it is, time changes people, people change, even we dont realize it, we change also .. inside of us . little by little we change , the way we think, act n make judgements. eventhough its not by our own will but we change, we adapt, we survive . in the end, one thing in this world is forever unchangeable, that is change itself .

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New Blog Born

i guess this a new place, a new blog, a new start, for the year 2006 . suddenly had this urge for a new start today .

had a normal day as usual . drive 30mins to work at the restaurant . did a couple of deliveries and as usual get off at 3pm then head to
Mitsuwa to do some grocery shopping for dinner tonight, was thinking of shabu shabu and some sashimi . after that was goin down to the apple store down at Manhattan Beach . and guess what, as a usual californian whose living in Los Angeles would experience . i was in the car about an hour plus for the whole trip . considered i was quite lucky today, not too heavy on the traffic .. and when i was at the Apple Store i had the staffs known as 'Genuis' , i think who are programmers of MACs at the 'Genuis Bar' looked at my Ipod Mini, and when they plug it in, it worked fine. i felt like an idiot standing there . oh man .

well after i reached home, i guess since i got a 'new' Ipod (they did give me a new Ipod the last time my girl went there to see whats wrong with it) , new Ipod, new year, feeling pretty good about myself today, might as well write abit of my life in Los Angeles.. and also waste some time creating a new blog, kinda sick of my
old blog ..